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    Before the Vinturi white wine aerator, one could not aerate white wines without letting them sit and warm to room temperature. The Vinturi white wine aerator provides a means of opening white wine's full aroma profile and tasting notes, while maintaining the perfect temperature for serving and consumption. White wine displays the same improvements with aeration as red wines. *Includes wine aerator & no-drip stand
  • All the taste, none of the wait; enjoy your wine from the very first sip! Vinturi's patented technology is designed to infuse the perfect amount of oxygen to interact with wine as it is poured through the chamber, allowing your wine to breathe instantly. *Includes wine aerator, no-drip stand & filter screen
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    Speed up the aeration process with the Vinturi Reserve red wine aerator; a premium version of the classic, award-winning aerator that's elegant enough for the most formal dinners and parties. Molded of clear acrylic, the aerator opens and develops red wines in the time it takes to pour a glass, giving them the same enhanced bouquet, fuller flavor and smoother finish you would achieve from extended decanting. *Includes wine aerator, stand, and cleaning kit
  • JR Decanter

    Wide based decanter designed especially for JR Wines to provide the maximum surface for mature red wines to aerate and optimize their bouquet. Made of high end glass with distinctive modern design.
    *75 cl. Capacity
  • JR Ice Bucket

    High quality ice buckets made of acrylic plastic, light and easy to handle, resistant to impacts and to temperature changes. Its material gives a great lightness and easy handling. Its narrow base fits on top of any reduced table space. Its two handles make it easy to be carried with a bottle of wine and full of ice. Its modern and functional design has an opening at the top to rest the bottle neck and to prevent slippage when emptying the water from the bucket.
  • Multi-compartment wine bags to carry your JR Wines bottles. Handles are reinforced for more security when carrying weight. Excellent for picnics and travels.
  • Made of flexible rubber, 10 pieces of glass identifiers in different colours. Suitable for cocktails, wine tastings or events where the glasses are easily mixed up. Presented on a plastic bar that can be stored in a drawer.
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    JR Wine vacuum and stopper takes the air out of the bottle after being opened and decreases the contact of oxygen with the wine to avoid it from being spoiled. The wine saver takes the air out of the bottle preserving the wine for several days, while using it also as a stopper.
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    Once a wine bottle is closed with the JR AntiOx stopper, the oxidation of wine is interrupted and the oxygen is no more associated to the wine and is neither producing acetic acid nor damaging the wine. Unpleasant smell and vinegar taste wine are thus avoided. For optimal performance, please keep the bottle in vertical position. Preserves the wine for 9 days.
  • The rack opening of the JR special stainless wine opener is the most clever and original uncorking system. It allows to extract the cork without effort. It is graded to control how deep is the perforation of the spiral.
  • An opener built to last; it features a teflon-coated worm for smooth gliding action through the cork and double-lever hinge to easily extract the cork from the bottle in two swift steps. Comes in a high quality leather packaging for the wine openers to open and close your wine bottle in style and to strap it on your belt.
  • Double lever classy opener that allows you to uncork the wine in an effortless way to extract the corks in two steps without breaking or damaging them. Handcrafted finish with natural wooden inlays and specifically designed for JR Wines. Comes in a high quality steel box to save your wine opener in style and ensure safety along with its hygiene.
  • JR Wine Glass

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    A high quality German Crystal wine glass, especially designed for JR Wines lovers to savour the taste of Wine of Jordan in class.

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