Located on a remarkable landscape, at an altitude of 840 meters where an extinct volcano; at some point in antiquity, poured out fields of basaltic lava over the Mountain Heights Plateau, an area that is Jordan’s most fertile regions.


Terroir hibernating under volcanic Basalt for eons. The soil is ideal and rich with minerals. It also brings to the wine connoisseur a sense of Terroir that includes the composition of the soil and the unique climate.


The Jordanian climate, with over 330 sunny days yearly, coupled with dry summers and constant breezes, is perfect for the grapes and vines. Vast temperature differences between day and night allows the vines to dorm which enhances the characteristics of the varietal.


Jordan’s location in the cradle of civilization indicates long history of wine making. The Estates & Vineyards are surrounded by 2000 years old ruins of Um El-Jimal that is nominated for a world heritage site.


Over 40 types of world-renowned vines, of the best quality, thrive in the mineral rich volcanic soil of the Basalt Desert. Not knowing what works in Jordan, all forty are growing in this ideal mixture ultimately producing elegant wines.


The rain and melting snow, flowing off the 1800m-high, Jabal Al-Arab, travels under the volcanic desert surface and accumulates in 400-meters deep aquifers. This life giving water is brought to the surface and used in the unique method of “Dry Farming”.